This is the Education to Employment Program of the College of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel that aims to help less fortunate but deserving students to build their technical skills and shape their mind and spirit for a well-rounded formation.


In DTSE, we are preparing our students to be employed before the end of their program through the “learning by doing” as advocated by Dualtech.

The Dual Training System of Education was conceptualized to help and support out of school youth to pursue an education in the field of technical or vocational line of profession. To form them holistically through personality development and values formation education; to empower them by providing the best quality of education through our well-formed mentors who are also the best graduates of the college. We envision these young individuals to be models in different industries and to become inspiration for others by becoming a socially responsible citizen.


We are offering this two-year program which includes 6 months Basic Skills Training Program where we focus on training the students by supplying them theories and principles that they will later on apply in the 18 months Advanced Skills Training Program in  Multi-National Companies that we tied up with DTSE.

Under this program we are offering Electronics Products Assembly and Servicing NC II (EPAS) and Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II (EIM) that both guaranteed the students precise and well-studied work placement and other career options. We have our commitment to our students of commitment to continuously update, monitor, and assists our students to achieve their utmost career satisfaction.

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