Humble Beginnings...

Humble Beginnings…


In the year 2001, the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Medical Center was established with a vision of becoming a multi-specialty medical cneter aimed at providing quality health care to all patients regardless of their socio-economic status and a mission of creating an impact in hte community through quality service.

In the three years of operation, the founders have come into the realization that there is a great shortage of nurses not only in hte Province of Pampanga but the whole nation as well. The need for well-rounded nurses with exceptional clinical skills and a heart of gold was also felt.

With the mission of providing quality health care to the patients and to cope up with the demand for nurses, the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Institute of Medical Studies was established on June 2005. The decision to initially open the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and the Caregiver Courses was made after conducting a series of multi-sectoral consultation.

Four years later, the founders recognized the need to open additional medical courses to better serve their clients. Thus, three additional courses were offered: Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology, Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology, and Associate in Radiologic Technology. In 2011, with the aim of serving the underpriviledged, the Dual Tech System of Education was established, offering two-year technical vocational courses in consumer electronics. The name was later changed to the Dual Training System of Education. A year thereafter, Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy was offered and in the year 2014, Diploma in Midwifery was also opened. In 2015, Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy were opened. Finally, in 2016 the Senior High School branch was opened, offering the Academic and Technical-Vocational tracks. Under the Academic Track, the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and the Accountancy and Business Management (ABM) strands were offered. Under the TechVoc track, the following strands were offered: Consumer Electronics Servicing NCII, Electrical Installation and Maintenance NCII, Food and Beverage Services NCII, Bread and Pastry Production NCII, Housekeeping NCII, Tourism Promotion Services NCII, Tour Guiding Services NCII, and Attractions and Theme Parks Oprations NCII.

In 2017, a new modern day six (6) floors building was built to cater the dynamic needs of present and future Carmelians. Academic Year 2018-2019 saw the introduction of Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. The course opened new frontiers in the desire of the institution to produce highly employable ideal Carmelian Physical Therapy graduates.

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